Complete Suite For Delivery Management Solution

Comprehensive Delivery Management Solution with Route-Optimisation, Live GPS Tracking and Powerful Analytics

Our Offerings

Customer App

White-Labeled Application

Get your white-labeled customer app with your branding, logo and images.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can track the exact location of the delivery personnel from the app.

In-App Chat

Enable your customer to make custom orders through In-App chat in your customer app.

Payment Integrations

We provide seamless integrations with payment gateways to accept payments easily.

Ratings & Reviews

Let your customer give feedback of their delivery experience via ratings and reviews.

Delivery Personnel App

Easy To Use App

Equip your driver with an easy to use native feature-rich apps available for both iOS and android.


Navigate through the shortest & optimised routes and manage multiple deliveries efficiently.

Proof of Delivery

Drivers can get proof of delivery for a successful by collecting customer signatures and photos.

Real-Time Alerts

Get Instant delivery requests and ensure on time delivery for your customers.

Daily Earning Report

Drivers can keep track of their deliveries and manage their daily earnings.

Dispatch Dashboard


Improve efficiency and save time by automating delivery dispatch through dashbord.

Powerful Analytics

Leverage all the data generated with useful insights and stats and make smart decisions.

Bird's Eye View

Get all the insight and updates of your business on a single window panel.

Manage Feedbacks

Keep a tab on your fleet performance and manage them from a single window panel.

Fleet Tracking

Keep a tab on your delivery fleet movement in the field with an interactive map view.

What's More?

  • White-Labeled Apps

    Get your branded white labelled app to personalise the delivery requests.

  • Robust & Scalable Apps

    Our platforms are designed to handle unlimited requests, thus helping your enterprise grow.

  • Fully Customised

    Get ahead of your competitors in the market and customise the way you like it.

  • 24x7 Support

    We Provide 24x7 dedicated support to help you with your issues and queries earliest.

  • Easy Integrations

    Our platform fits perfectly into your existing business ecosystem by seamless integrations.

  • Quick Implementations

    The implementation is fast and painless thanks to Jini's complete adaptability.